Our French Café Chairs are handmade of Rilsan and Rattan and were originally designed for outdoor use to last up to ten years in side walk service and longer indoors.

A bundle of Rilsan used to create French restaurant and cafe chairs
  • Rilsan is not plastic. It is derived from the castor oil plant, perhaps more familiar to most of us as the source of castor oil, which is pressed from its seeds.
  • Rilsan is virtually unbreakable and perfectly stable.
  • Rilsan will only shatter at minus 60 degrees C and will only melt at over 189 degrees C. Within this temperature range, it will always keep its perfect shape.
  • The color will neither wear out nor fade because the dye is injected throughout the mass while it is still liquid.
  • Rilsan's strength, durability and beauty make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
We have many styles and customization options. Please feel to browse.

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