All side chairs can also be made as counter and bar stools with the exception of Moncel and Eiffel models.

Stools with Backs

Authentic Bistro Barstool Handmade in France
The authentic French barstools that have graced Parisian cafes for nearly a century. Handcrafted from rattan and Rilsan, you can be sure our authentic French bistro stools, whether they are used as bar stools in a busy restaurant, or as kitchen counter stools to brighten a home, will last for many years to come, with colors as true and bright as the day you bought them.

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Construction Materials

The seats and backs are woven from natural Rilsan, an incredibly durable product made from the castor oil plant, and color is injected directly into the Rilsan while still in its liquid form so that each vibrant hue is completely a part of the finished product. Bring the savoir-faire of a Parisian bistro into your all-American home or restaurant.
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