Authentic Bistro Table Handmade in France

These are the classic French bistro tables made in France and seen in their many sidewalk cafes. The tops are available in circles, squares and rectangular shapes. They can be made with a formica top in many colors or in Carrara marble. All tops are circled in either a brass or stainless steel metal band and the band can be either smooth or with ridges.

The cast iron metal table bases are available in four styles. They range in weight from 29 lbs to 44 lbs, depending upon the size of table top they are required to support. Their standard color is matte black although there is a wide range of custom colors to choose from.

Formica Colors

These are the traditional French bistro tables that have been a fixture of the Parisian sidewalk cafe scene since the 1880s. Both the cast iron bases and formica tabletops come in a wide variety of colors to complement our authentic French café chairs. The tabletops are also available in fine Carrara marble. The tabletops may be circled in either brass or stainless steel.
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